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Did you know that hundreds of thousands of GTA property surveys can be found online? There are many reasons why you might need to obtain a copy of a property survey. A survey can help you to ascertain the exact dimensions and shape of the property, and to check whether there are any problems with encroachment or easements.

If you’re selling your home, prospective buyers will want to see a survey. If you’re buying a property, be sure to ask to see one. It’s estimated that almost half of Toronto properties have boundary issues, so due diligence is essential!

Surveys are also useful for tax assessment purposes as documentation for refinancing your mortgage, to help settle boundary issues and to show you where to build any new structures or fences.

Organizations like Protect Your Boundaries have made more than a million property surveys available online. They also have licensed surveyor to answer any questions you may have.

Be boundary smart: get your affordable property survey online today!
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Find Your Property Survey Online: Toronto

Toronto and area surveys are often available online. Whether you need a survey of your property as documentation, or to check out a new property before putting a bid on it, having a copy of a property survey can be crucial. Organizations like Protect Your Boundaries have made hundreds of thousands of surveys available online for an affordable price. If the survey you find is outdated it is still likely to be very useful. If not you may want to commission a new one. In this case, PYB, a licensed survey firm, can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Why Do I Need a Survey?

Reasons for obtaining a copy of your survey include:
  • Buying a property. Always use due diligence on a property before bidding. A recent case dealt with a seller who didn’t reveal that a large storm drain was underneath much of the backyard. The buyer put down a deposit before learning that his family’s dreams of having a backyard pool could never be realized. Encroachments can also pose problems for you when you try to resell the property.
  • Building. If you are building a home, adding an addition or doing a renovation, you will want to check that you’re building within your property line. The same goes for building a garage, shed, swimming pool, or doing major landscaping.
  • Refinancing. Banks often require an official survey in order to refinance a mortgage.
  • Selling a property. Prospective buyers will want to see a property survey to ascertain the size and shape of the lot and to make sure that there are no problems.
  • Boundary issues. If you have an issue with encroachment by a neighbour, you’ll need to back up your side of the conversation with the evidence provided in a survey.

Interpreting Your Survey

There are various types of surveys, and the notations on yours may not be completely clear to you. You can also get the expertise of a licensed surveyor through PYB, or you can consult a property lawyer to find out what your rights might be in any given situation.
Being familiar with your property and your rights can help to keep problems at bay and maximize the value of your property.

Protect Your Boundaries Inc. is a licensed member of the Association of Ontario Land Surveyors, and is entitled to provide cadastral surveying services to the public of the Province of Ontario in accordance with the provisions of the Surveyors Act R.S.O. 1990, Chapter S29.

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